Jun 212012

Oldham were at the centre of Hurricane Humza at the Pollards last night.

Heywood’s talented paceman Humza Naeem claimed the extraordinary figures of 8-9 off five overs as the club’s under-18s bowled out Oldham for just 15 runs, winning by the incredible margin of 127 runs.

And it that wasn’t amazing enough, all eight of his victims (and all 13 that fell in the game) were bowled and Humza retired on 33 too!

It would be easy to say the opponents were extremely poor, but they weren’t. The wicket was low, but Heywood were just way too strong for a home side who have plenty of time to develop and played with good spirit, despite hard times at the club.

Heywood posted a total of 142 thanks to a superior innings of 30 retired from first-team opener Ross Zelem, as well as 30s from Wes Hunt and Naeem.

Skipper Andy Dawson picked up the other two wickets to fall as Oldham were blown away thanks to Naeem’s devastating spell.

Credit must go to everyone involved with Oldham at the moment. They made us all welcome, were friendly and are trying to keep the club going despite the many on and off field problems they are facing.

I know the pizzas went down well with the lads. With support off the field like that, I hope Oldham can get back to their former glories.


A Dawson b Stanley 14
J Lovell b Stanley 4
D Fawcett b A Joy 12
R Zelem ret 30
H Naeem ret 33
W Hunt ret 30
C Openshaw not out 6
S Jones not out 7
Extras 6
Total (for 3 wickets, 20 overs) 142
Bowling: Aziz 4-0-24-0, Stanley 5-0-44-2, Davis-Rice 5-0-29-0, A Joy 5-1-38-1, Lally 1-0-7-0.


R Joy b Naeem 1
D Stanley b Naeem 0
J Malia b Dawson 2
S McBride b Naeem 4
A Joy b Naeem 0
A Lally b Dawson 1
B Davis-Rice b Naeem 2
M Aziz not out 4
R Nawaz b Naeem 0
J Robinson b Naeem 0
I Hussan b Naeem 0
Extras 1
Total (all out, 10 overs) 15
Bowling: Dawson 5-2-6-2, Naeem 5-3-9-8.

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  One Response to “Hurricane Humza Wreaks Havoc On Pollards”

  1. Glad to see comments that there are efforts being made by a few individuals to keep Oldham going. It is easy to be critical of the club in recent years for a neglect of facilities, but I hope they survive, even if its not in the CLL. I can remember the days when Oldham were last a good side ( in the 80′s ), and had professionals such as Joel Garner, Franklyn Stephenson and Larry Gomes, – They had a partisan and boistrous following, the ground was well looked after and the wicket was very flat and true.
    To be honest, my latest experiences of the ground and club have been depressing, and I can’t see a return to former glories , but whoever is trying to keep the club afloat should be congratulated and I wish them well

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