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gwarnt0001Heywood were mercifully ruthless in their demolition of Middleton at Crimble.

The visitors were without three of their top players yesterday – absent for various reasons – and looked every inch a very average side as they were hammered by nine wickets.

With no Scott Stanworth and Grant Jones, their batting, their stronger suit, was torn apart and dismissed for just 83.

And with no Saq Mahmood to offer a pacy threat, the bowling was just not strong enough to cause Heywood problems and Bobby Cross and Travis Townsend were in no trouble as they chased down the target with nearly 30 overs to spare.

Riley Paterson struck the first blow after Middleton won the toss and elected to bat, having George Walker well caught by Andy Dawson at mid on.

Captain and stalwart Steve Davey tried to dig in alongside pro Grant Edmeades, but he edged a full delivery off Townsend to Cross at slip, and shortly after Townsend bowled Edmeades with a beauty to leave Middleton 46-3.

Despite the best efforts of Mo Shahid, it was a procession of wickets after this.

Joe Lovell helped himself to three very cheap wickets, while Chris Kaye helped himself to two more and Townsend finished with 3-16 to dispatch Middleton for 83 with nine overs to spare.

It was a wicket that did offer things for the bowlers, and Ben Lee did give Middleton the slightest glimmer when he had Ross Zelem caught by Davey for four.

But with no big score to chase, Townsend and Cross settled in, played themselves in, then played shots around the ground to chase down the target with 29.2 overs to spare.

Cross finished unbeaten on 29, and Townsend on 40 as Heywood kept up their chase of Walsden.

For Middleton, they are down into the second tier of the CLL. Their trials are well documented, but surely the aims of the two division CLL was not to see this great club relegated to the second division.

They have a strong membership and unarguably one of the top three grounds in the CLL. The league is not strengthened by their relegation.
G Walker c Dawson b Paterson 6
S Davey c Cross b Townsend 16
G Edmeades b Townsend 17
M Shahid c Pawson b Lovell 18
P Bennett lbw b Townsend 3
M Buckley b Lovell 10
S Warren run out 2
B Lee c Zelem b Lovell 2
S Holmes c Zelem b Kaye 0
D Stanley c Latham b Kaye 1
T Astley not out 0
Extras 9
Total (41 overs) 83
Fall of wickets: 1-15, 2-41, 3-46, 4-58, 5-68, 6-77, 7-81, 8-81, 9-81, 10-83
Bowling: Paterson 7-0-21-1, Naeem 5-1-10-0, Townsend 10-4-16-3, Kaye 14-4-28-2, Lovell 5-3-3-3

R Cross not out 29
R Zelem c Davey b Lee 4
T Townsend not out 40
Extras 11
Total (for 1 wkt, 20.4 overs) 84
Fall of wicket: 1-13
Holmes 7-1-23-0, Lee 7-2-27-1, Buckley 2-0-9-0, Walker 2-0-14-0, Edmeades 1.4-0-5-0, Stanley 1-0-4-0

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  11 Responses to “Heywood Ruthless In Demolition Of Ailing Moonrakers”

  1. What a strange comment “the aims of the two division CLL was not to see this great club relegated to the second division.”

    One of the aims of the two divisions is to relegate the weakest team surely??

    Or who was supposed to be relegated?

  2. It didn’t really come out right. What I really mean is that a good club with great facilities and a good home support – the amount of people watching the seconds was more than you see at nearly every other ground for a first team game – should be staging the best cricket.

  3. I see Scoop, however if the Middleton club is as well managed and supported off the pitch as you suggest, then surely promotion would be a formaility the following season.

    Look how Werneth and Royton have dominated the CLL div 2 this season. Both those teams appear to have well deserved CLL “premiership status”

  4. There have been extenuating circumstances around Middleton, well documented.
    Personally, from a fan’s point of view, I look forward to going to Middleton. I don’t, again, personal point of view, particularly relish going to Royton and certainly not Werneth.
    If I wanted to watch good cricketers at rubbish grounds, I’d go and watch some Bolton League games where priorities are different. I want to watch good cricket at good grounds.
    So obviously, what I wrote makes little sense other than to stress my solidarity with Middleton, and to lament their slip into a second division.

  5. As a “visitor” to CLL grounds I would suggest that Royton is best ground in league as a spectator. The view of the game is tremendous. They seems to possess a professional of some note who they have retained for next season

    I have not been to Werneth for some years and understand that its not the same as it was perhaps a decade or so ago.

    I would say that Middleton is similar is many ways to the two Bury based clubs, Unsworth and Radcliffe.

    Perhaps Middleton’s young and inexperianced team will benefit more from playing and winning in the lower division for a season. Trips to good grounds at Radcliffe, Unsworth, Monton and Milnrow for starters. Although Oldham and Ashton look poor.

  6. Just never been a fan of Royton. Hard to park and always miserable when I go there. And all the seating is side on.
    Middleton are different gravy to Unsworth and Radcliffe. They are habitual winners, and one sticky season – for well-known reasons – is going to see them lose players who want to play at a higher level. I am led to believe that some of the standards in Div Two are pretty poor.
    Two bigger divisions gives you more chance to survive a sticky season. A club in permanent decline can’t do that. Looking at Middleton in every other way, they are not a club in decline.

  7. Royton has a decent sized tarmac carpark, unlike many other clubs, such as Heywood and Littleborough where visitors drive through, and park, in mud on wet days.

    I saw a number of games at Crompton this season also. The presentation of ground and outfield in particular was the best I have seen in any league for many moons. Its was an absolute picture. They too seem destiny to play again in the lower division, but the club seems to be thriving

  8. Could you two not have had that conversation on the phone ?

  9. Ho Ho david that just would not be the same. Our wonderful game does indeed generate much discussion and opinion though doesnt it

  10. I agree Bob. I’ll give you a ring.

  11. Hmmm not sure I would put Unsworth in the ‘good ground’ category Bob!
    It’s ok if you don’t mind playing on a bog (unless they have sorted the drainage out now) or if you don’t mind the constant drone of motorway traffic in your ears all day long.
    And who designed that clubhouse – not a cricketer I’m sure – who else would put it in one corner of the field at a bad angle and worst of all, with the player’s changing rooms/viewing area as far away as you could get from the middle?
    By the way I won’t be ringing as I’m in Bahrain at the moment!

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