Jan 222014

Heywood CC cricket chairman David Fare is on the look out for a new professional.

George Worker this week told the club he would not be coming to the CLL for the 2014 season, as he had been told to stay in New Zealand and work on the Canterbury development programme.

Fare told us this week that he has some names in the pipeline, and was seen in discussion with new first XI captain Danny Pawson and his vice captain Dale Latham at Crimble last night.

We’ll bring any news to you as soon as we get it.

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  2 Responses to “Heywood In Hunt For New Professional”

  1. Bad news to hear so close to the start of the new season. Dave and Danny will have their work cut out now to secure somebody of similar ability and potential – but I know they can do this – I’m sure all members wish them happy hunting in what can be a thankless task . Dave has worked wonders in the past and we need him to come up with the goods again……………….

  2. I know I’ve said this before but I do think it’s about time the league had some kind of rethink over the appointment of professionals.
    The majority of clubs have suffered increasing problems of this type over recent years primarily due to the changes in world cricket and the demands on players.
    People like Dave are being burdoned with issues they can well do without and for what? The marquee signings that used to bring the crowds in are no longer available/affordable and isn’t the financial burden of a pro something clubs can do without in these cash strapped times?

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