Apr 302013

Humza bowls James Rawlinson with one that nipped back

It’s now becoming a source of frustration for Heywood.

For the third game in a row, Heywood were given no real chance to test themselves against the then prospective and now reigning CLL Champions.

With Walsden in a precarious position and Heywood feeling on top, the rain which had been predicted put an end to the contest at Scott Street. Walsden were 102-6 with just over 15 overs left when the weather intervened for the second and final time to leave both teams with two points.

No one is saying Heywood would have won this and the other two clashes with the Villagers. However, Heywood are a very good team themselves and perhaps Walsden would like to test themselves against the team who were runners up last season. There are three more chances to get it on this year – the weather surely can’t scupper them all?

Heywood had won the toss and stuck Walsden in, knowing batting second under the league’s rain reduction rules is the sound thing to do.

Riley Paterson bowled well down the slope, picking up 2-15 off seven threatening overs, and he was followed by Humza Naeem, who is getting some zip back into his bowling and took 3-25 off seven equally-attacking overs.

From the other end, Travis Townsend was reasonably accurate, while Chris Kaye bowled superbly to contain one end on the small ground to finish with 1-23 off 10 before the rain came.

It’s a shame from the fans’ point of view too, as for many it’s the best away trip of the season. It is for me, and the club was very hospitable.

Although to be slightly critical of the villagers, the outfield could have done with an extra trim in the preceding week.

K Halstead c Pawson b Naeem 40
J Hoosen lbw b Paterson 6
M Dawson c Pawson b Paterson 12
J Rawlinson b Naeem 6
N Barker c Cross b Naeem 1
Josh Gale not out 13
R Sladdin c Townsend b Kaye 7
Joe Gale not out 6
Extras 11
Total (for 6 wkts, 35.3 overs) 102
Fall of wickets:1-20, 2-44, 3-64, 4-68, 5-71, 6-95
Bowling: Townsend 11.3-3-40-0, Paterson 7-2-15-2, Naeem 7-1-25-3, Kaye 10-2-23-1

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