Nov 252011

A few team pictures here from Heywood Cricket Club first, second and junior teams.

I recognise a lot of them, including most of the (I think) 1983 Wood Cup final side, with such legends as Jimmy Porter, David Fare and Mark Wright.

I can also name most of the junior players on the pictures. Please feel free to caption the pictures (pick the number and put your list of players next to them).

Hope you like them.

[Gallery not found]

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  2 Responses to “Various Heywood Cricket Club Team Pictures”

  1. Pic 1, a team of crackpots (with nicknames)
    Back, from left: Allister Bold (Archie), Roger Smethurst (Linford), Chris Flanagan (JC, Johnny Ten Men, Flanny), Andy Ellis (Big and Daft), Craig Heywood (H), Steve Kirby (Onions).
    Front row: Neil Ashworth (Orange, Davros, Casters etc), Mike Kitchen (Kitch), Andy Greenwood (GOD – Games Of Darts), Bag Of Cement), Gary Hulme (Gaz, Hulmey), Paul Taylor (Tats, Crank).
    Good days! Anyone know when this was taken?

  2. Pic 2 should carry a government health warning

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