Mar 302020

We hope that all our members and supporters are remaining safe and well at this difficult time and that where possible our youngsters are managing to sensibly remain active.

As you will appreciate this is a very difficult time for the club as the committee try to continue to deal with the fixed outgoings whilst our income over the bar has been stopped. Be assured that there are a group of people working incredibly hard to ensure that the club will remain there when this situation comes to an end and we thank those that are doing so much behind the scenes.

Whilst a cricket club is a venue that people attend to play, watch or just socialise we believe that Heywood Cricket Club is so much more than this and at times like this the sense of belonging and community spirit that is being shown by so many is fantastic to see and we hope is providing comfort for many of you.

Please stay in touch with us, please ask for any support you or any loved ones may need at this time, and please stay active where safely possible. We look forward to seeing plenty of games of cricket in the back garden over the coming weeks!

We cannot ask for physical help or support at this time but as you can imagine the financial burden of maintaining the club with no income is a challenge.

We would be incredibly grateful if people would renew their membership if you feel able, we acknowledge that lots of people are under financial pressure and we do understand this and would not want anyone to suffer any further hardship. However we all remain a part of the club even if we cannot make use of the facilities and we hope people will continue to support us so that we can ensure we continue to serve the community for many years to come.

We will not be charging a playing membership at this time for obvious reasons but players can consider taking a social membership to help.

Membership forms are available on request and we can provide the club bank details for payments. The membership prices are available on the sidebar of the site.

Once again we thank you all and wish you well, and we all look forward to being able to go back and enjoy some cricket and good company when the time is right.

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  9 Responses to “Heywood CC – An Update”

  1. Can you send me a membership form and bank details please so I can purchase now rather than later. Thanks!
    Helen Morton (parent of Jack Morton, U9)

  2. Could you send out and membership form and bank details for me please
    Just moved to Heywood and carrying on the family support of Heywood Cricket Club – my Dad played for you many moons ago ( Jim Lees)

  3. Hi. I would like to renew my membership so please email me the relevant form and payment details. Thanks. Dave Mannion

  4. Hi can you send me the membership forms for myself and Matthew

  5. Please send memberships form and bank details.
    Happy to help.
    Alec Witts

  6. Please can you send Bank details and we will pay our family membership asap. Thank you.

  7. - Can you also send me details of how to renew membership by bank transfer ?
    Hoping you and all friends and members are remaining safe in this unusual situation – here’s to re-acquainting at the bar when this is all over !

    Mark Wright

  8. The bad news is Mark; it’s your round !

  9. @2 Hayley – will you be carrying out your cheerleading skills from Stevenson High? :)

    (former team mate of Mr Jim Lees)

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