Jul 252012

Heywood CC 1st XI (v Monton and Weaste, h, Saturday. 1.30pm start, meet 12.30pm. v Radcliffe, a, Sunday. 1.30pm start, meet noon) R Cross, R Zelem, D Pawson, D Latham, C Maguire, R Slawson, J Lovell, H Paterson, H Naeem, C Kaye, T Townsend.

Heywood CC 2nd XI
(v Monton and Weaste, a, Saturday. 1.30pm start, meet noon. v Radcliffe, h, Sunday. 1.30pm, meet 12.30pm) R Smethurst, S Dawson, A Dawson, A Fawcett, L Grogan, C Booth, S Jones, R Purser, S Burrill, D Fawcett, T Blundell. Umpire Sunday: S McHugh

Heywood CC 3rd XI (v Whalley Range, a, Sunday. 1.30pm start, meet noon) P Mills, S McConnell, J Mills, S Chapman, K Peters, M Grogan, M Kay, D James, D A Fare, M Wright, G Wall.

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  1. Didn’t think you could resist for the whole season Mark! Keep those pads out of the way! Enjoy the game.

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