Jan 132012

A very poor team and the poorest haircut/ glasses I have ever sported. I don’t think I cut my hair for a year after that.

Look for a very young Bobby Cross. Spit of Christine in it.

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  4 Responses to “Heywood CC 1st XI (1998)”

  1. Fare, Neil Armstrong wants his boots back

  2. Scoop. very brave man to show this picture what was your address in those days,
    10 Rillington Place?

    Crossy these were the latest design in cricket boots, worn only by athletes. judging by the photo you would have had difficulty lifting you leg off the ground if you wore them.

  3. David Wright?… looks like a hybrid of Neil Ashworth. Note worthy appearences in the form of Starmer’s stash and Scoop’s NHS bins! Nice of the chairmen to sport a pair of Z’d Iqbal’s cousins line of spikes.

  4. Yeah, he wasn’t the most memorable import. Got a pic of you from the back of my Radcliffe cutting. Funny

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