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Post-graft party at Crimble!

HEYWOOD Cricket Club are planning to replicate the success of last year’s NatWest CricketForce showcase day.

The event backed by the banking giants and the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) saw an army of volunteers help to transform the Crimble playing area, its surrounds and the clubhouse.

The feelgood factor that the day engendered on March 31 certainly seemed to help get the first team off to a flying start to the 2012 campaign, and they eventually finished second to Walsden in the Central Lancashire League.

Now Heywood are hoping to try to replicate that spirit with a similar pre-season event at the ground on a day to be announced.

Heywood are well ahead with arrangements for friendly matches at the beginning of April in preparation for the CLL opener, at Middleton on April 14.

But first will come the second annual CricketForce day, when Heywood will hope that the ground is brought back up to the standard – and beyond! – created last March.

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Dave Leighton, Programmes Manager of the ECB, said: “We saw some clubs, including Heywood, do more for themselves in a short space of time last year than they had for years.

“NatWest CricketForce made a real difference including much needed revenue, improved facilities, increased participation and a great sense of community spirit.”

Heywood skipper Bobby Cross wants Heywood to reproduce that feeling, and said: “Although we cannot be a showcase club for 2013 we intend to host a similar day, and hope that one or two celebrities may be able to come to lend a hand and sign some autographs.

“There will be music again, some cricket for the youngsters and we will cater for all of those who volunteer on the day.”

A whole host of jobs undertaken last year included the completion of the magnificent new patio, renovation of the ladies toilets and a team painting the perimeter wall and sightscreens.

The day itself saw special guests, music, breakfast, a barbecue and a fantastic celebration of all of the hard work in the bar afterwards.
Now a list of tasks has again been drawn up as the club seeks to continue to improve facilities for members and guests alike.
These have been split into those that will be undertaken on the day and others which need either advance preparation or expert help and advice.

The advance work includes:

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  • Installation of a new water cylinder and removal of the tank from roof.
  • Preparation of the area next to the scorebox for the storage container.
  • Relocation of the storage container.
  • Fitting of kitchen furniture in the Portakabin.
  • Repairs to the ceiling in the reception foyer.
  • Continued maintenance of the car park potholes.
  • Installation of gutters and downspouts at rear of club.
  • Laying of new floor in the changing rooms.
  • Repairing sightscreen.
  • Tasks for volunteers on CricketForce day itself will include:
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  • Preparation of the artificial nets.
  • Assembly of the covers.
  • Tidying and painting the umpires room.
  • Painting the Portakabin.
  • Staining and assembling the patio furniture.
  • Staining the benches and distributing around the ground.
  • Repairing the electric box.
  • Maintaining the hanging baskets.
  • Repairing the seating in front of the pavilion.
  • Repairing the surrounds to the dart board.
  • Painting the bench ends and a small area of the perimiter wall.
  • Trimming back overhanging branches around the perimiter fence.
  • Removal of scrap metal at the rear of the Portakabin.
  • Maintenance of garden areas
  • Planting of Woodland Trust trees.

Added Cross: “It may be that you can offer to source materials, help with a particular area of expertise, volunteer to labour or that you know someone who might help out. Every little thing makes a big difference!

“Anyone who would like to take on one of the tasks on the day please let me know. The project leaders were brilliant last year but we hope to see new faces helping out as well.”

Contact Bobby at bobbycross@hotmail.com or on 01706 623513.

Click below for more links to last year’s events.


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