Feb 192015

The club are very grateful to long standing member Barbara Parkinson for a recent donation made to the club in memory of her late husband Ernest.

Ernest & Barbara Parkinson

Ernest & Barbara Parkinson

The financial gift follows the donation of several benches over the summer that have been sited around the far side of the ground.

Ernest was a regular at Crimble over the years and was well known to many of the regular supporters.

Gestures like these allow the club to continue to operate and the committee are extremely grateful to the family for their continued support.

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  5 Responses to “Generous Donation In Memory Of Ernest Parkinson”

  1. A wonderful gesture made in the memory of a great supporter. Our very grateful thanks to Barbara and all the Parkinson family for this, the latest in a succession of gifts to the club.

  2. An unassuming and kind man who I remember fondly as always seemingly being there to watch the first team over by the wall opposite the scoreboard. I think Ernie and Barbara preferred the comfort of the car on the chilly days but he always wound his window down to speak words of encouragement and clearly loved his cricket.
    One of the best.

  3. Barbara ( my sister) is very proud to be mentioned in your web site, although she doesn’t have a computer.

  4. A lovely tribute to my Grandad. Thank you.

  5. I remember the Parkinsons very well. I was even married to their daughter Shirley for a few years. I had many long discussions with Ernest on a variety of subjects.


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