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THE Committee of Heywood Cricket Club have called an Extraordinary General Meeting of all members in the Crimble clubhouse on Thursday, August 1 (7.45pm).

The sole item for discussion will be: ‘That this Club should consider an application to join the Lancashire Cricket League for the 2021 season’.

Heywood were founder members of the Central Lancashire League until leaving at the end of the 2015 season to join the newly-created Greater Manchester Cricket League (GMCL).

Since then the Club has suffered relegation twice from the Premier League but are currently riding high in Division 1A as they bid to regain their top flight spot.

But there has been an undercurrent of feeling amongst some members that Heywood should apply to join the recently restructured Lancashire League, which now operates a two division system.

Chairman John Rhodes said: “The Committee has been made aware of this feeling and believe that, as happened in 2015, all members should be given their chance to voice their opinions over a switch of leagues.

“There are several points to consider, including the possible playing and financial benefits.”

The deadline for an application to join the Lancashire League for the 2020 season has passed, and, if this new proposal was carried by the membership, it would mean an approach would be made for a switch in 2021 and to leave the GMCL at the end of the 2020 campaign.

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  8 Responses to “EGM – Lancashire League Proposal ‘On The Table’”

  1. I suggest the meeting to consider this proposal is put back two or preferably three months and that details of the Lancashire Leagues criteria are obtained for the meeting to consider. Without this information I would not be prepared to vote on any proposal.

  2. Two points from me here for what its worth as I can’t make the meeting due to work commitments.

    1, Its important and vital that as many current players and those on the cusp of senior cricket are involved and voting in this decision. At the end of the day, its the players who need to commit to playing and not those who just want to watch as much cricket as possible over a weekend. Any decision needs to be committed to be the players for any of this to work.

    2. The GMCL is the better option.


  3. Heywood should join Bolton League, best league in’t world.

  4. Would tend to agree with Rob – it is most important that the players have a big say in this – don’t want to be in a situation where we can’t turn three teams out due to playing in a league or on a day that the players don’t want – no teams then no cricket for anybody to watch – and ultimately no club!
    Must admit I’m a little out of touch as just returning from spell overseas but do we not already have what we left the CLL for – good competitive cricket with several tiers in which teams can find their own level?

  5. Mr Bonnar you are joking read the Bolton News 9th June story re Daisy Hill CC in my opinion Heywood joining the Bolton League would be insane.
    I believe the chances of the Heywood membership supporting a proposal to apply to join the Lancashire League are slim but then all sane options should be considered.

  6. Think Rob hits the main nail on the head – there are those who have a) retired and/ or b) their main hobby is watching cricket who will be voluble in this (I can guess who as well as you, Colin). There’s also people who live in some rosy past where everyone wanted to play twice a weekend and nothing mattered more than playing cricket. Times have changed, many players only want to play one game a weekend and there are many other things to do. Just accept that is the case, and the Lancashire League double headers become unsustainable for most clubs.
    I also think there’s a rose-tinted memory of vast crowds and vast travelling support, high-quality cricket at superb cricketing arenas around the Lancashire League. Unless all the clubs we used to play have suddenly accrued more fans, it will be the same as it always was except for a few outliers like Lowerhouse. Ansd f we are relying on a few people to pay through the gate to keep the club going, God help us.
    Finally, and as I’ve not been down yet this year I may be out of step, if we are worried about the quality of youth cricket, do something about it. Tell me why young teams need to play in the same leagues as their senior teams, why can’t Heywood/ Bury all the teams on the north of Manchester still play the Nordens and Milnrows and Rochdales, why can’t clubs get together and not be too bitter about where their senior teams play and formulate effective youth leagues outside the senior structure.
    Anyway, that’s my tuppence worth for what it’s wprth.

  7. Re:3 Neil Bonnar says: “Heywood should join Bolton League, best league in’t world”
    Seems Bradshaw don’t agree for starters Neil.
    More to follow?

    GMCL Announcement
    We are pleased to welcome Bradshaw Cricket Club to the Greater Manchester Cricket League for the 2020 season.

  8. I think you also need to consider the clubs reputation, chopping and changing which league you play in will make the club appear unreliable if you’re not careful.

    The players absolutely have to make the feelings known, times have changed since I played in the junior teams in the 70′s, player’s mobility is much easier now and it’s easier to change teams and there doesn’t appear to be as much loyalty.

    Unfortunately, now living in the land of Trump I can only follow cricket online via this and the BBC and Cricinfo websites (and the odd dodgy live streams before they get blocked!)

    I agree with Scoop, I don’t see any valid reason why youth cricket has to be in the same league structure as the senior sides, young players are the future, and hopefully after the drama at Lord’s yesterday there will be an influx of enquiries about how and where to play.

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