Mar 162012

One’s a successful captain of a young team, that he led to unparalleled success.

The other is a former England captain.

Heywood CC skipper Bobby Cross is pictured with Michael Vaughan at Thursday night’s Rochdale Rotary Club dinner with the former England skipper at the Norton Grange Hotel in Castleton.

Money raised on the night went towards the provision of youth cricket coaching in Rochdale and ten Heywood members made the sure the club was well represented.

Cross said: “The dinner was very good, ten of us from the club went which was great as the proceeds from the dinner went towards the provision of youth cricket coaching in the Rochdale area.

“That is a huge boost for us as part of Chance2Shine and will ensure that more children in the area have access to coaching.

“Michael Vaughan was excellent, very open and honest about how good he feels the current England side have been and will become, particularly in the bowling department, and he gave his time for nothing as a gesture to the cause.

“I think everyone had a good night and it was great to see Heywood Cricket Club so well represented.”

Thanks to John Rhodes for the photo.

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  2 Responses to “Cross And Vaughan Share Experiences @ Rotary Club Dinner”

  1. Were you on the vino tinto pre snap per chance skip?

  2. Very much so! I was hitting up the Vin Rouge as the Ohio Express would say at somepoint

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