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KATEvUNSa0001Kate Cross says she ‘loved’ the backing of the famous Heywood patio during her superb eight-wicket haul at home to Unsworth yesterday.

She finished with the figures of 15.5-2-47-8 to lead her side to a six-wicket defeat of the Bury side.

It was one long, continuous spell from Cross, who admitted she was flagging towards the end, but was kept buoyant by the home support.

She said: “I was pretty tired towards the end of the spell to be honest, I was definitely looking forward to some lunch.

“But I absolutely loved it – Andy (Dawson) keeps joking with me that I have taken the patio away from him and I’m the new fan favourite but it was honestly so amazing to hear the support from everyone on the patio. Loved it!”

Cross was quick to thank skipper Danny Pawson for keeping her on when she looked to be tiring, and to praise the quality of the fielding on show from her side.

She continued: “It was a little bit surreal, to be honest, to finish with an 8-for which is actually my career best – I’ve only ever had 7 before!

“But I think I got a bit of help from a slow/sticky wicket and was probably rewarded for Danny keeping me on so long.

“And I obviously got a lot of backing in the field with some great catching.

“Hopefully I’ve got a few weekends where I’m available but ashes start on the July 21, so might be struggling after that!”

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  3 Responses to “Cross: Patio Backing ‘Amazing’”

  1. Today was the first time I’ve ever heard our result from the weekend read out by Shourjo Sarker as part of the sport bulletin on BBC Radio Manchester! It was in there with Lancashire’s score and not long after a report on Manchester City!

    Kate has certainly captured the imagination of the sporting World and is rightly being applauded for the way she’s seemingly breaking down barriers on a weekly basis!

    Keep up the good work Kate!

  2. Can’t get Radio Manchester in Bahrain and it didn’t make Bahrain Radio FM!
    However it was fantastic to read the news on here via the usual fantastically written match report.
    Many congratulations Kate and hope for many more similar returns whilst you are still able to turn out for us – and of course very best wishes against the Aussies this summer.

  3. Fantastic Kate. If my memory serves me right (and it’s a fading ability) in nine seasons as Heywood pro ( about 230 matches) I only had one eight wicket haul. What a performance in only your third(?) game. You are changing people’s views and perceptions of sport – what an achievement it would be to finish your season as the league’s top ‘amateur’ bowler.

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