Mar 142013

Keith without a brew

While many of us are waiting for summer to come and the miraculous greening of Crimble to just happen, there are certain people who are working hard to get it all ready for us.

On a trip down to Crimble yesterday I found Keith Caveney working on the machines and getting the container ready for use.

Along with Keith Warren, Rick Purser, Dave Blundell, Crossy, Tom McGoldrick et al, Keith keeps things going over winter, and a fine job they all do.

Although it desperately needs some sun, Crimble is looking neat and tidy and ready for the first game of the season on April 1.

Below are a few piccies of the great ground as it is gently awoken after winter.

[Gallery not found]

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  2 Responses to “Crimble Stirs From Winter Slumber”

  1. For some reason the galleries are not working properly at the moment. I am loking into it

  2. Even though I’m not there and have been playing continuously over here I’m still getting those same feelings of anticipation that I always get as April and a new season approaches. Thought it might be a bit easier this time having had almost a year over here now but it isn’t – it never leaves you!

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