Apr 042012


BY STEVE MCHUGH: A FRANCTIC effort to set a record in painting a perimeter wall, putting the finishing touch to the newly extended Bob O’Keefe patio, completing the refurbished ladies toilet area.

They were just some of the jobs undertaken on NatWest CricketForce day at Crimble.

One of the highlights was an army of volunteers setting out to paint the perimeter wall at the back of the ground, spanning more than 110 metres, in less than 15 minutes – a record set at a previous CricketForce day.

And the enthusiastic gathering of more than 100 juniors, Mums and Dads, members and other helpers managed to pull off the frantic challenge in just over 11 minutes.

The patio has been virtually doubled in size thanks to the unstinting efforts of Nathan Goodall and his team of stalwart members over the weeks.

The daunting task was virtually completed on the day, with the finishing touches taking place the following morning and during the week.

The fruits of the labours will be available to supporters at the first friendly against Bury on Saturday (noon), although their will be an official opening in memory of Bob O’Keefe – one of the club’s most treasured members who passed away last year – at a later date.

The ladies toilets, meanwhile, were given a total facelift by Vinny Ball and Keith Ellis plus the rest of their team.

Other major tasks undertaken on the day included: painting the main wall on the entrance side of the ground; upgrading areas and varnishing benches in front of the clubhouse, plus seating areas around the edge of the ground; getting the site screens back up to scratch; revamping garden areas and creating a new feature next to the gate; and extensively renewing the extensive concrete area in front of the main wall.

First team captain Bobby Cross said: ““We achieved everything that we set out to, and more, and the ground is now ready for start of the season. It’s been a brilliant effort.”

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