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There have been few Pros to have had the impact on a club both on and off the field that West Indies star Sherwin Campbell had at Crimble. In his first season (2006) the side won the League and Wood Cup double with the mercurial batsman breaking the club record for runs in a season with 1,479. His second season also brought a Wood Cup win. The manner and occasion of his innings was probably more memorable, and off the field the club has never sold as much brandy!

Sherwin remains in contact with the club and has shared his memories of his two years at the club:

Sherwin and Royce in familiar pose, the club has not had many better Professional/Overseas combinations

Sherwin and Royce in familiar pose; the club has not had many better Professional/Overseas combinations

Do you remember your debut for the club?

I remembered scoring a few runs on a slow pitch against Clifton. I worked hard for those runs, plus it was the first match so I wanted get off to a good start. I felt pretty comfortable in the middle, having played as a sub pro for the club before and knowing the guys.

Do you have a favourite game?

I had so many enjoyable games for Heywood it’s hard to recall all of them but the stand out games for me were the two Wood Cup finals win and the semi-finals match against Littleborough at home which finished on the Monday. All of them were very satisfying.

Did you have a favourite away ground?

I liked Middleton cricket ground. The pitch was hard most of the time with a quick outfield. Although I didn’t get a big score there it always reminds me of a first class cricket ground because of the firm pitch.

Who was the best opposition Pro you played against?

A few good Pros were around then, I can’t remember all but Wayne Madsen at Unsworth and Asif Mujtaba at Norden were pretty consistent and my mate Alcindo Holder at Rochdale was destructive on his day.

What about amateurs?

Bobby was easily one of the best amateurs I played with and it showed with his consistent performance throughout.

I liked the looks of Steve Oddy from Rochdale as an amateur I played against. He was pretty consistent with the new ball. Heywood’s own Steven Cheetham bowled pretty quickly when I played against him at Radcliffe.

Any favourite on field memories?

I remembered Chris Kaye and the Littleborough overseas amateur (I think an Aussie)  having a go at each other during a match. I can’t recall the exact words but It was fun to watch!

What about off field?

There were so many off the field memories that I enjoyed that I can’t mentioned all at this time. What stands out for me was the celebration after winning the Wood Cup final in 2006. Walking into the club house behind each other and hearing the loud singing by the members and supporters was really a joy.

You sound like you really enjoyed your time at Heywood?

Heywood Cricket Club will always have a special place in my heart. The two seasons I spent there will always remain with me. I was made welcome and comfortable throughout the two years and the memories will always remain with me.

From hanging out in the changing room with a team that stuck together (especially tolerating my Bajan music and drinking brandy after home games), that turned out for practice every week, that played as a unit throughout the season, that enjoyed each other’s company on and off the field, my housemate Royce, to the groundskeepers, to the barman, Ronnie (best in the world) and the members that watched every weekend it was a very enjoyable time.

The team had all the ingredients of champion teams. The talented, the comedians, the talkers, the drinkers, the thinkers, but what stands out for me was the commitment from everyone that played during those seasons.

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  4 Responses to “Crimble Memories – Sherwin Campbell”

  1. Sherwin it was an absolute pleasure the 2 years with you. Fun times. Wheres big don?

  2. And loved being one of the thinkers..

  3. The best two dispatchers of the short ball I’ve ever seen playing for Heywood CC. Sherwin and Royce.

  4. if one thing sums sherwins 2 seasons at the club listen to the song we played when we won.. do fa do by lil rick. bet you cant without smiling

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