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Jeremy Epis came over from Kalgoorlie, Western Australia in 1993 as our overseas amateur and played alongide professional Andy Flower. He played a big part in the Wood Cup success that summer and has fond memories of Heywood to this day:

The Wood Cup final 1993 scorecard

The Wood Cup final 1993 scorecard

1. What were your first memories of Heywood?

Dave Fare picked me up from airport and we went straight to the ground and it was cold coming from 40 odd over here in W.A.!

First cricket I remember was a scratch match which was in some hills somewhere and it was bloody freezing. I had thermals on a short sleeve and a long sleeve jumper on and trying to impress having a bowl!

Only other thing I remember was being really welcomed to the club by everybody and I still think Crimble is one of the best grounds and apart from the WACA my favourite ground of all time.

2. What was your favourite game for the club?

My favourite game would have to be the winning the Wood Cup with all those legend blokes

3. Did you have a favourite away ground?

My favourite away ground was probably Littleborough.

4. How was it playing alongside Andy Flower?

He was a legend bloke and cricketer I loved my time living with him.

5. Who was the best professional you played against?

The best I played against was probably Stuart law that year he was a quality player.

6. What about the best amateur you played with or against?

I don’t have a best amateur that team that year were all good cricketers and can’t really remember any that I played against that year.

7. Best memories?

The best memory on and off the field was the Wood Cup final and remember we celebrated for weeks after that even if we lost we just celebrated the Wood Cup win again it was a great time.

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  2 Responses to “Crimble Memories – Jeremy Epis”

  1. Great Memories keep them coming

  2. As much as the final sticking in the memory, I often think about the first game in that cup run- Unsworth away. We only defended about 150- Jezza bowled like a dream, snicking off Kelvin Williams and (Gary?) Jones- their two best players. Of course, getting Sleep out in the final was pivotal too. Great times.

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