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One of the great characters to have been at Crimble, Bob Cooke was professional at Heywood from 1980-83 and then remained at the club as an amateur in 84 and 85, captaining the side to the double in 84. A great competitor and a captain with a great understanding of the game Bob has taken the time to look back on his days at Heywood although he confesses to a terrible memory!

Bob with Heywood the Heywood side

Bob with the Heywood side

What was your favourite away ground?

Favourite away ground probably Middleton, l usually got a few runs or wickets there.

Who was the best Pro you played with and against?

The best Pro l played with had to be Steve Wundke, he was the only one at Heywood and Stockport.

Best Pros I played against, Franklin, Ezra Moseley, Kelvin Williams, Colin Lever, Andy Roberts and Steve Wundke all super players and nice guys, Dave Callaghan as well.

What was your favourite game for Heywood?

Best game for Heywood very selfish getting a ton in the Wood Cup final, getting Meredith for not many and Franklin out, second ball, and then Shag took me off!

What about amateurs?

Best amateurs at Heywood I think Colin Gradwell and Nolan Hall, despite the fact that they had been pros!

Best amateurs against, Deakin and Dearden at Littleborough, Mel Whittle wherever he was playing; John Punchard, Paul Gill was the best keeper.

What were your best memories on and off the field?

The double when l became an amateur and captain in 84 was a great season, probably the best memory, worst off field being sacked as captain having done the double the year before!

However going to Stockport two years later and winning the League nearly made up for it! Off the field memories best not discussed!

I’ve just thought of an amusing moment on the field; l was captaining Stockport v Heywood and it was last ball of the game 6 needed by Heywood to win, i’m bowling to Shag, l bowl a long hop which he late cuts! The only man ever to try to late cut a six!

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  2 Responses to “Crimble Memories – Bob Cooke”

  1. Those that played with Bob will know what a great experience it was. A bon viveur of the very best kind, he was a brilliant captain – always on the front foot with his decisions and a master of using humour to undermine the opposition, and get his way with the umpires.
    A class act

  2. All of what Mark says is spot on, the 1983/4 team was probably the best I have have played in at Heywood. This was a side that was never beaten until the last ball had been bowled.
    Bob never suffered from a lack of self confidence and with him and Steve Wundke we were for the majority of times on the front foot.
    Top man , top captain.

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