Aug 222012

Heywood CC’s infamous cocktail night takes place on Sunday 26 August down at Crimble.

It’s organised brilliantly by Jenny Cross and Lee Grogan, who dovetail perfectly to help mix the ingredients for one of the best nights of the year at Crimble.

It’s the day before the Bank Holiday Monday, when Heywood’s second team face Middleton at Crimble in the final of the Burton Cup.

While it’s hoped the players will show some restraint, the rest of us can enjoy an excellent night. There’ll be an excellent singer to entertain the revellers, and once again the patio area will provide an alternative, chilled atmosphere for those who want a bit of peace and quiet.

So make sure you come down and get yourself prepared for what promises to be a superb final the next day!

The first team are at home to Radcliffe on the Sunday, and the night do gets under way at 8.30pm.

PS: We still need Grenadine and Raspberry Liqueur, if anyone has some spare or wants to donate a bottle.

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  5 Responses to “Enjoy The Taste Of Summer At HCC Cocktail Night”

  1. Does it have in any rum or what ! It looks like a girls drink ,what are the guys going to drink?

  2. That’s a mojito!

  3. Sherwin, Heywood has still not recovered from the run shortage you created 5 years ago!

  4. Martin.

    Fraudulent slip perhaps, run or rum shortage?

    Sherwin, i thought you would drink anything as long as it is wet!

  5. Former Chairman.

    Freudian slip perhaps

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