Sep 082012

CLL First Division

CLL Second Division

The second XI table is still up in the air because Rochdale have failed to send in several of their results. The fact Heywood have played one less game than they should have indicates they could be one of the games that Rochdale failed to file. As this was a draw, Heywood could have two more points.

But who knows!?!?!?

Full CLL fixtures – Saturday: Ashton v Middleton; Crompton v Norden; Heywood v Unsworth; Littleborough v Werneth; Monton &  Weaste v Clifton; Oldham v Walsden; Radcliffe v Royton; Rochdale v Milnrow.

Sunday:  Ashton v Norden; Crompton v Werneth; Heywood v Clifton; Littleborough v Unsworth; Monton & Weaste v Milnrow; Oldham v Middleton; Radcliffe v Walsden; Rochdale v Royton

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