Dec 132012

Bobby Cross smashes Unsworth around at Pole Lane last season

A couple of things I have forgotten to mention as work has taken a bit of a grip recently.

Firstly, Clifton’s proposal to annul the decision of going to two, eight team division was voted out at the recent CLL AGM.

The decision to split the league in two was agreed last year, but Clifton, who had support from other clubs in the second division for 2013, wanted to overturn this.

However, how this will fare should Oldham drop out of the league is anyone’s guess. The Pollards club are in deep trouble, and reports are that no work has been done on the ground since the end of the season and they are struggling desperately for funds. My views are well known and they can be found here.

The other news is we have drawn Unsworth away in the Wood Cup. A trip to noisy Pole Lane beckons, while the seconds, last year’s losing finalists, will host the Bury side. I’ll post dates and a full draw when I get them.

If we win, we’ll get a home tie with the winner of the Middleton and Crompton clash.

The incentive is really there this year to get back the trophy we dominated in the 2000s, with the final this year being staged at Crimble.

Hopefully, I’ll be doing much more on the site again soon work permitting. So if there are any stories you want to share let me know.

I’ll be going back through Vernon Connolly’s old files at some stage, trying to dig out some more gems from the past.

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  One Response to “Clifton Proposal Thrown Out – And It’s Unsworth Away In Wood Cup”

  1. Not sure the desicion to split the leagues was a good one in the first place but having gone through the procedure, it’s right that the league have stood by the decision – shame on those who tried to overturn it – at least give it a couple of years now and see how it goes.

    i previously expressed a view that it might hasten the demise of some second division teams and having a club short should Oldham drop out will be even less appealing to players I would think. I don’t know if consignment to second division cricket has made Oldham’s plight worse but it really is a crying shame that they are in this situation as it always used to be a pleasure playing there in the good old days (actually I still would rather play there than a couple of places I could mention!).

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