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The club’s former chairman showed he is not ready to hand over his crown as Heywood’s all-time record wicket taker without a fight.

David Fare proved there is life in the old dog yet with an excellent performance for Lancashire Over-60s in their Roses clash with Yorkshire at Colne this week.

Better known as a bowler – but for those who played with him, also a determined top and middle-order batsman – David hit 48 from number eight as Lancs finished well short of Yorkshire’s 225-5 on 167-7.

Earlier, he had been one of the better bowlers for the home side, finishing with 2-40 off his nine overs.

Fare has hinted that he could still extend his lead over Chris Kaye as the club’s leading amateur wicket taker (Kaye needs 14 more to deservedly claim the title) but as Heywood doesn’t have a fourth team, and wickets would not count if they did, it seems likely Kaye will soon overhaul this record.

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  14 Responses to “Former Chairman Is All Round Hit”

  1. The font is difficult to read in the headline, is that a “H” or a “T”?

  2. No , there’s an ‘S’ missing

  3. Checking out that bulging sweater, you could probably just remove the word ‘Hit’ !

  4. Good by you Crossy.

  5. As far as crossy is concerned if it was a T he would know all about those, also i wont take any insults from former players.

  6. Are those the two Yorkshire opening batsmen buried up to their necks by the side of the ex Chairman??????

  7. It’s one of the worst pictures I have in terms of quality, but it’s the loneliness of his vigil at slip – the only place safe for him – and his arthritic stance that make me chuckle.
    Despite all these comments, D A Fare is still my HCC hero.

  8. Is it actually a real picture or is it a photo of some other event heavily edited? Is that a cricket field really or was it taken in his back garden – the horse he was sitting on has been air brushed out, his racing silks also air brushed out also and replaced by cricket gear? Those two helmets are just wrong!

  9. It’s sadly real and makes me laugh.
    I realise my headline is wrong. It should be a compound adjective.
    However, the damage is done.

  10. This is the legendary stance adopted by D A fare when fielding at short cover……….
    Poised like a coiled spring he will, however, not move an inch whether the ball comes anywhere near him or not ………and as happened at Radcliffe a few years ago in the second team, he uses this cunning ploy to the advantage of the team – Dave simply let a hard driven ball hit him squarely on the top of the bald head ( without flinching ) so it deflects nicely into the hands of mid off for another wicket assist.
    Most players would recoil and turn their bodies away at the prospect of being hit but this man knows no fear.
    ( p.s we told him afterwards what had happened )

  11. true!!!! I know because I was the one that caught it – complete with a layer of scalp! (no hair though!)

  12. Fond memories, i did think that i had killed the chairman at the time with a full pitched delivery to ‘spider’ but i believe that his cap saved him on this occasion.

  13. Last night in the Edwin Waugh we all had to endure DAF complaining about the total lack of sympathy he had received from “HER IN DOORS“ about the pain he was suffering in his limbs due to his exertions at Colne her only comment being “serves you right its self inflicted”. It was amazing however how a couple of pints of Arizona seemed to banish the pain.

  14. Colin are you saying Mrs Fare downed a couple of pints of Arizona to banish the pain in her ears from DAF?

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