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Runs for Ben Thulborn

The recent fragility of Heywood seconds’ batting was in evidence at Unsworth on Saturday.

The weekend before, Heywood twice failed to post totals to win matches, including the Burton Cup.

This time, the top order capitulated in the face of a small run chase, and now it looks like their bid for the Second Division title is all but over.

As usual, Heywood’s bowlers did their job and restricted Unsworth to just 132 off 46.4 overs. Andy Dawson led the way with four wickets, while there were also two apiece for Lee Grogan and Dom Fawcett.

Skipper Roger Smethurst pushed veteran Rick Purser to the opening spot in a bid to shore up the batting, but it’s no use when the other end struggles so badly.

Only Simon Dawson reached double figures and Heywood were in all sorts of trouble at 41-6.

That Heywood eventually passed 100 was down to young Ben Thulborn, who hit an excellent 22 from number nine to show his promise for the future.

It was a desperately disappointing result for Heywood and Smethurst, and may now have handed the title to Norden, especially with the ridiculous replayed fixtures next week.
A Saheed c Burrill b Grogan 39
P Entwistle run out 28
R Navaratnam b S Dawson 1
J Mohammed lbw b Grogan 12
K Rajasansir b A Dawson 1
M Munawar b A Dawson 2
J Conmie not out 9
S Hetherington lbw b A Dawson 8
R Edge c Thulborn b A Dawson 0
U Mahmood lbw b D Fawcett 4
B Edge b D Fawcett 4
Extras 20
Total (46.4 overs) 132
Fall of wickets: 1-41, 2-64, 3-73, 4-88, 5-90, 6-98, 7-108, 8-108, 9-121, 10-132
Bowling: Purser 6-1-18-0, S Dawson 15-1-45-1, Grogan 15-7-21-2, A Dawson 7-0-26-4, D Fawcett 2.4-1-7-2, Byrne 1-0-6-0

S Dawson c Entwistle b Munawar 11
R Purser c Munawar b Saheed 12
D Fawcett lbw b Munawar 1
R Smethurst c Conmie b Saheed 6
A Dawson lbw b Saheed 0
L Grogan c and b Munawar 3
P Dawson run out 8
S Burrill c Mohammed b Mahmood 8
S Jones c Conmie b Mohammed 3
B Thulborn lbw b Hetherington 22
S Byrne not out 4
Extras 20
Total (44.5 overs) 103
Fall of wickets: 1-13, 2-17, 3-34, 4-34, 5-41, 6-41, 7-61, 8-65, 9-87, 10-103
Bowling: Munawar 5-7-21-3, Saheed 15-6-30-3, Mahmood 2-0-11-1, Mohammed 7-1-15-1, Hetherington 5.5-1-16-1

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  3 Responses to “Another Batting Failure Condemns Seconds To Defeat”

  1. I’m back on a couple of weeks hol and went to watch the game – very sad to see us lose that one.
    Credit to Unsworth’s opening bowlers who bowled really well but that total should have been easily reached, particularly as the back up bowling wasn’t particularly testing.
    Very impressed with young Ben though. A lot of similarities with Bobby when he was young – good temprament, nothing seemed to rattle him, got in behind the ball and played to his strengths.
    That shirt has got to go though!

  2. A lot of good under-18s – Fawcett, Hunt, Dawson, Naeem, Zelem, Lovell, Jones to name a few. We need to find the right way to bring them through. Crossy always cites GOD as a reason why he made an impact at an early age, giving him a chance. Not everyone will succeed but we have some fine young players at HCC and Ben is right up there with the best. Good luck the lot of them

  3. The similarities do not, and will never, extend to a pair of earrings!

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