May 282012

REPORT BY JOHN HEYWOOD: Heywood Under-13’s were again in action at Crimble on a lovely warm, sunny Sunday morning at Crimble.

Walsden won the toss and asked Heywood to bat on what looked a wicket full of runs.

In anticipation of a long season ahead it was decided to mix the batting and bowling up a little bit to give fringe players their chance. It has to be said that every player stepped up to the mark and progression is there for everyone to see. The whole squad has come a long long way in a very short space of time.

Darius Campbell, Billy Radcliffe, Keelan Nugent and Dan Joesbury (four of the top five in the batting order ) retired on 25+ and special mention to Ben Brown, elevated to bat at four, who scored an impressive 16 in quick time.

152 -2 is a huge total in under-13s cricket – well done to all who batted so magnificently.

Several “shot of the day” contenders but Darius’ cover drive that flew for four just takes the honours.

Well done also to everybody who took Tuesday’s pull-shot practice into the game and executed the shot perfectly.

With the total at 152 Heywood bowled nine different bowlers and Connor Clayton, Ben Brown, Alex Ball, Ben Fisher and Steven Brown all showed great progression to bowl very well indeed. Remember, to get your chance in the bigger games we need five from six balls on a good line and length.

Special mention to Lilly from Walsden who bowled straight, took a great catch (sorry Danny) and really valued her wicket to bat for 19 overs when her side asked her to open the batting.

Heywood man of the match is impossible. It goes to the team who all showed just what they are capable of achieving.

A very quick mention for Steven Diggle who valued his wicket and fielded with energy and showed good progression with his bowling.

One area for thought is energy in the field. We still look a little flat. Body language and some energy is something we can work on this Tuesday to take a new approach to fielding into the Norden game (away) on Sunday.

It will be a tougher game tonight in the district final.

I think we are however ready for the challenge.

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